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Fishermen’s Inn Wedding Elburn IL

Fishermen's Inn Wedding Elburn IL

Fishermen’s Inn is one of North Chicagos most beautiful venues. It offers a mix of incredible, well maintained natural landscaping with rustic, charming and practical indoor spaces.

Fishermen's Inn Wedding Elburn IL

Fishermen’s Inn Wedding Elburn IL

There are options for either an indoor or outdoor ceremony. The ponds and bridges offer some lovely spaces for formal photos. There are a total of seven ponds on the property and all of them are spring fed.

The main hall features 30 ft tall ceilings. The indoor space can accommodate up to 250 people comfortably. Outdoors there is room to seat 300 guests. A big advantage of this location, away from Chicago city centre, is there is ample parking for all of your guests. They even offer golf carts to help shuttle guests who may need help getting around the venue from the parking lot.

Fishermen's Inn Wedding Elburn

Fishermen’s Inn Wedding Elburn

I loved photographing this wedding. The weather was wonderful so we were able to go outside for most of the formals. They had an indoor ceremony and repletion, so it was lovely to get outside for the photos of the bridal party and the bride and groom. So many cute little places for photos and the sunset was stunning too.

Here is a gallery of images from the day.

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