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Chicago Air Show 2022

Chicago Air Show 2022 Blue Angels in close formation.Chicago Air Show 2022 Blue Angels in close formation passing the Hancock Building.

This was a huge bucket list day for me!

If you follow my business life, you may or may not know that photography was a hobby that grew into a profession. Despite this, it’s also still my hobby.

I make money photographing weddings and families and some commercial work etc. But I still love to go out in my spare time and photograph other things. It just does not feel like work. It’s fun and I love it. heck even weddings do not feel like work most of the time.

Often I will go out and find wildlife and birds. Sometimes it’s sports I just wanna capture for fun. This day it was fast aircraft. A few years ago I had the fun experience of going up in a plane with the Army Golden Knights for the Gary Airshow. I also got to see the Blue Angels prepare and take off. But this day I got to go and photograph a practice. I would have loved to do the show, but I had a wedding. I have weddings nearly every Saturday of the year from May to December haha.

I had some free time so I joined a fairly large crowd and met some really fun photographers on the beach. It was a lot of fun and a good preview to the full Chicago Air Show.

Here are a few of the few thousand photos I took haha.

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