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Crystal Gardens Chicago Wedding

Goodness what a venue for this Crystal Gardens Chicago Wedding!

When I first spoke to Yifan and Tyler I was so freaking excited about their wedding and their venue.

Navy Pier is an iconic part of Chicago and the Crystal Gardens are just so beautiful.

I started the day early with the girls and some great candid moments as they got hair and makeup done and Yifan read a letter from Tyler. Kay went and took photos of the guys and joined them on a water taxi ride to navy Pier.

Sarah from Sarah Kathleen Events had already set up so many cool details for me when I arrived. In fact Sarah and her assistant made my whole day soooooooo much easier. There are a few co-ordinators I have worked with who just stand head and shoulders above the rest and Sarah is one of them.

Crystal Gardens Chicago Wedding

Late July is always warm and bright in Chicago. Mid day photos can be tough with bright high sun, but we managed to get some awesome group photos on navy Pier with the big wheel in the background.

Despite doing a first look, it was so special capturing Tylers response as Yifan walked down the aisle. I am a hopelessly romantic guy and I always try and get this photo go the groom when his bride walks in. It’s a moment of raw emotion and so very special. Yifan was just glowing as she headed towards the ceremony!

Crystal Gardens Chicago Wedding

The evening ended with fireworks, and a large crowd. I just had to get a photo of the wheel at night before I left. Seriously love this venue!

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