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Journeyman Distillery Wedding By Shane Cleminson PhotographyConsidering The Journeyman Distillery Wedding Venue?

Great venue choice!

There are few better rustic venues around this area. It was built originally in the 1880’s as a buggy whip and corsets factory and there is some real irony that EK Warren, (a staunch prohibitionist) founded the historic building that is now the Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks MI.

All the history and old brick and wood only add to the wonderful feeling of this venue. It has been tastefully restored with modern conveniences, while maintaining a clear genuine rustic look. The Flat at Journeyman is an incredibly spacious and trendy loft apartment on the one side of Journeyman Distillery. It offers a well lit space for getting ready for even huge bridal parties.

Warren Hall is my favorite part of the Journeyman Distillery. It has original rustic hard wood floors and room for up to 500 people. The huge windows on each side offer great natural light during the day and goodness I just love the wall behind the area they use for ceremonies.

As an added bonus the wide open floor plan makes it really easy for guests to get to the bar, dance floor and their tables. The dance floor can be huge if you really want to party and you will not have a bunch of tables squashed up to allow for space to boogie. It really is very roomy up there.

Journeyman Distillery Wedding Three Oaks MI Shane Cleminson Photography

Awesome Food and Drinks

The food is amazing, and well the drinks are……. well it’s a distillery, need I say more. They know about making and serving the stuff they do and do not make haha. Here are some of my favorite photos from a recent Journeyman Distillery Wedding Venue.

Please get in touch if you are planning a Journeyman wedding and looking for an experienced photographer.

Click here to see The Journeyman Distillery website.



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