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This is about YOU! This is YOUR wedding day!


Wedding photographers capture your memories on one of the most important days of your life.

I take this honor very personally and don’t take the responsibility lightly.


I’m here to give you beautiful, real and candid photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


Candid Moments - the ones that capture you and your partner at your silliest, weirdest, most serious and most intimate.


Little Details - You thought about every little detail and you want them captured!


My goal is photos that make your mom cry. Photos you’ll pass down for generations.

I want clients to say “We never saw him take that, but we love it!!”


I’m not just there on wedding day. I bring years of experience and free advice as you plan your day!


Wedding Photography Prices


Wedding Photography Experience


Weddings are fluid events. Schedules, dresses, family, guests, weather and all kinds of variables. You want to make sure you have an experienced photographer capturing your memories.


I have photographed and filmed over 750 weddings in the last 20 years. I still look forward to my next one every week. Photography was a hobby that become a career and I still love it! For several years I contracted for other companies while working for myself too. This was hectic doing over 60 weddings some years. The last 10 years I have stopped contracting and work almost exclusively for my own business booking about 40 weddings a year on average.


Wedding Photography Prices



• 500 to 600 edited high resolution images

• Full print rights to images.

• Online gallery. download images free. Online for six months


8 hour PACKAGE



• 600 to 750 edited high resolution images

• Full print rights to images.


•Engagement Session





• 800 to 1000 edited high resolution images

• Full print rights to images. They are your images to use as you want


• Engagement Session

• Italian Leather Thick Page 15 x 10 Album


Bookings require a $500 deposit.

Online booking and flexible payment plans.

Balance is due two weeks before wedding day.



• Engagement Session: $250

• 20 x 30 Canvas: $150

• Coffee Table Album: $150

• Italian Leather Album 15 x 10: $500

• Extra time: $150 an hour



Wedding Photography Style


There is no one photography style that fits weddings. There are candid moments, raw and emotional. Posed set up family photos. Photos of rings and flowers requiring an artistic creative mind. Flower girls running around on far too much sugar. (I really love photographing them still haha endless fun) Photos outside in gardens and then dark churches and reception halls. Not to mention snow, rain and anything else the weather adds. Family you have not seen in years and family you hope to not see for years. I think my people skills are more important than photo skills during some weddings. I have stories!



My photography style tends to be a mix of photojournalistic and traditional. I pose couples and families for formal photos and I always look for little details, but most of the rest of the day I use a candid unobtrusive style to capture the raw emotions and feelings as they unfold. Love needs no scripting. My favorite compliment is when couples look at a photo and say they never saw me take it and I captured the raw emotions they were feeling.

Aberdeen Manor Wedding Photos Valparaiso by Shane Cleminson Photography

Wedding Videography

If you want your day captured with all the sound and emotion, but you don't want a video camera three feet away from you blocking guests all day, you are in the right place!


Wedding Video Prices


Two Hours Coverage - $600 - Covers most ceremonies only


Four Hours Coverage - $1000 - Covers most ceremonies and a bit of the reception if they are close together.


Six Hours Coverage - $1250 - Covers Most ceremonies and the main events at the reception.


Eight Hours Coverage - $1500 - Covers some details before the ceremony and the ceremony and the main reception events.


All packages include a dedicated experienced videographer with two cameras and wireless mics. Edited into a documentary style video as events happened. Videos are delivered as downloads and on a memory stick in HD for playback on most phones, smart TVs and devices.


Video Extras

Extra Time $150 an hour

All unedited footage as shot - $200

Three minute highlight edit to music like a movie trailer - $250 (Only available on 4 hour and up videos)

Wedding Video Style

Over the years wedding video has evolved tremendously. From basic candid coverage to artistic productions with multiple cameras, crews of videographers and more. From Video tapes to DVDs and now USB and video on phones and tablets.

Today two styles seem to be popular.

One is very artistic, highly edited, with multiple cameras and one or two videographers posing and scripting the day. It produces an amazing artistic ten minute video most often. For couples with a bigger budget and who don’t mind their day being more scripted this rocks! I used to do these videos and loved the creative process. The editing alone adds to the cost, as does the multiple videographers. Cost and the shooting style eliminates this option for many couples.

Secondly, and what I offer, is a candid documentary style video. This is a less obtrusive and less artistic style. More of a documentary of what occurred with less special effects, far less editing and seldom any scripting on wedding day. The more artistic video often deploys DSLR Cameras which provide great footage but do not zoom effectively so the videographer is often moving a lot, filming close and using rigs and sliders. These techniques take time and this is often why two videographers are used. The candid style I use suits a typical video camera similar to a mobile news crew. This allows for less obtrusive filming and two mostly stationary cameras out of the way most of the day. I find this unobtrusive style so important at the ceremony especially. Often a church balcony allows for a very clear filming vantage point far from guests and not blocking your photographer or wedding party. You don’t get a close up shot of the rings going on…….but you don’t get a videographer five feet from you all ceremony. (I have photos of some really unprofessional videographers on the east coast doing this)

If you are looking for an artistic video I know several wonderful local vendors I love and can share with you. They are wonderful keepsakes! I enjoyed shooting that style before I decided to focus on the documentary style.

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