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People often ask why they should book me and not another wedding photographer. There are a few things I find set me apart. Not that it makes me perfect by any means, but one thing I do know is I have experience under pressure. I’ve photographed lots of weddings for several years and seen several things go right and wrong. A recent wedding sums this up perfectly. It was a cold windy winter day and we were running out of light and the limo bus driver got lost before the formals and killed our time.

By the time the limo bus arrived at the venue we had 12 mins to get the photos done. 15 years ago as a newer wedding photographer I would have panicked. Now I simply got ready at the park, scouted the area as I waited and as soon as the limo bus arrived I was ready. I stepped into the limo bus and politely apologized for what I was gonna do. I told the bridal party we had 12 minutes and I would be rotating fast photos in one place with varied poses, but first I was gonna shoot the couple and get a few shots while the bridal party  got off the bus. I took the bride and groom off and got a few basic shots then raced through some group formulas and kept a few minutes for some more of the couple while the bridal party gather back in the limo bus.

We walked off with about 200 photos in 12 minutes and actually had a few good ones hahaha. I normally stay out the way and shoot candidly, but this was the right time to take charge. The key here is to maintain energy, not stress and make it fun. Here is a post from the client and I think it sums it up better than I could.

“We finally sat down to look through all our wedding photos and I couldn’t be more in LOVE with how they all turned out!!! Can I just say Shane Cleminson is a rock star?!

Honestly, right after Kev and I were married, we hopped on a party bus with our bridal party to go take pictures at the park with a VERY limited time frame before the sun set and guess what?!! Our bus driver got LOST!! Bride’s worst nightmare, right?!

By the time we got there, what should have been an HOUR long photo shoot, turned into “Hey the sun sets in 12 minutes, let’s do this, type of photo shoot!!!

Let me tell you in 12 minutes shane captured not only so many great shots of Kev and I but amazing shots of the bridal party.

He surely captured all the LOVE my friends and with time to spare!!! Will post the rest later, but man if you need a photographer he is your guy!! Thank you again shane for capturing our very special day!! You rock!”

Thanks Nicole for the encouraging words. Here are a few favs from the formals.

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