Shane Cleminson

My Photography Equipment List

After more than 20 years in this business I have learned long ago that no amount of equipment can make a person a good photographer.


I have also learnt that even the best photographer cannot do their best with cheap or bad equipment.


Just as importantly, I have seen several times at weddings that backup equipment is a must. As a professional on a one and done gig, I have to have backup of every thing I use.


For these and other reasons I use world class gear and I carry lots of it.


Since going all digital in 2005 I have used Canon Gear exclusively.


For 2022 this what I arrive at every wedding with:


I generally work with two cameras on me all day and have a third as extra redundancy.



1 x Canon R5

2 x Canon R6 (I have upgraded to 2 Canon R6Mk2 cameras in 2023)


Canon RF 28-70 f2/L

Canon RF 15-35 f2.8/L IS

Canon RF 50 f1.2/L

Canon RF 70-200 f2.8/L IS

Canon RF 100 f2.8/L Macro IS

Canon RF 85 f1.2/L IS


2 x Canon EL-1

2 x Canon RT 600

2 x St-e3 RT v2 Remotes


Each camera uses two memory Cards for extra redundancy.


Lots of back up batteries!


I fit all this gear in a single ThinkTank roller bag to make sure I am highly mobile. I carry a few light stands and modifiers too.


I have a few other lenses more suited for wildlife and sport and a 4th camera body I keep at home mainly for family and travel.


This wedding gear list has been refined and tweaked and updated from years of wedding experience. I stay on the cutting edge of technology to maximize my creative freedom.


Phone: (219) 670 - 5268