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Wedding County Line Orchard

Wedding County Line Orchard

Yes 2020 has been crazy! But thankfully weddings are slowly ramping up again and the weather is wonderful!

Christy and Scott were able to just make the opening deadline for the state of Indiana re-opening guidelines.

We were able to get some great formals done before the ceremony. Scott really likes his car, so we included that in some photos.

Bride & Groom

wedding laughs


It was not really apple season yet, but I had to get some ring photos on an apple.

County Line Orchard Wedding Hobart Indiana

County Line Orchard Wedding Hobart Indiana

Wedding Ring Macro photography

County Line Orchard Wedding Hobart Indiana

Macro wedding rings on an apple

I love both outdoor ceremony sites at County Line Orchard. Christy and Steve had chosen the apple Orchard for their ceremony. It offers a lot more shade than the open area by the big tree. On such a hot day the shade was a good call.

It is always a special moment when the bride takes a ride with her dad on the tractor to the ceremony site. Some brides are quiet and somber, some are just nervous. Then there is Christy, who was laughing all the way and found her bustle strap she had failed to find when she needed it. It was so much fun capturing this ride with her dad.

Bride and father of the bride

Bride and father

Every wedding needs a few cool kids! I just loved these ring bearers. They did a great job of walking down the aisle. You would be surprised how many kids just cry and don’t make it down.

Ring bearer

The ceremony was short, which was good given it was so hot. It was full of laughter, as was the rest of the day.

County Line Orchard

County Line Orchard Wedding Hobart Indiana

Here is a gallery of favorites from the day.

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