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Wedding The Allure LaPorte

Fall Wedding The Allure LaPorte

Late fall is always beautiful in North West Indiana. It can be a little cold as the air blows with a crisp feel, but the trees and colors are always wonderful.

Katelyn and Jesus chose one of my favorite venues for their wedding. The Allure LaPorte Indiana is an historic building with so much charm and character.

The bricks, the old wood dance floor, the stairs in the main hall, and the rustic old feel make it a popular Indiana wedding venue.

Whenever I am working at The Allure I make sure I am extra early. I always want to make sure I have time to get photos of the brides dress downstairs in the ceremony area. I love the floors here and the reflections.

The bar area has an awesome stone countertop for detail photos of shoes and invites etc. Oh an in case it’s not obvious, I love refections haha.

Wedding The Allure LaPorte

Indiana Wedding The Allure LaPorte

Katelyn and her bridesmaids were brave enough to run outside in the crisp weather for a few photos before the ceremony. I love the pop of color in the trees! WE lucked out for such a late fall day.

Wedding The Allure LaPorte

The reception room at The Allure always looks good!

It amazes me when I talk with other photographers in the region about The Allure. Some feel it’s dark and hard to photograph. Perhaps for inexperienced photographers it is. There is no natural light as there are no windows. But the huge upside is there are always awesome uprights and once I set up my own lighting to compliment the mood, it is consistent and beautiful all day and all night. I love the patterns on the floor and the ceiling. They just add to the old rustic feel.

Wedding The Allure LaPorte

Indiana Wedding The Allure LaPorte

Here are a few more photos from the day.

Getting married here? Get in touch. I would love to talk to you about your photos.

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