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Aberdeen Manor Valparaiso Indiana Wedding

Valparaiso Wedding Indiana

Chantel & Brandon just managed to beat the Covid pandemic. They were married a few weeks before Indiana shut down.

They chose Aberdeen Manor in Valparaiso as their wedding venue. If you follow me at all you know it’s one of my favorite NWI wedding venues. The first two weddings I photographed this year were both at Aberdeen Manor.

The day started, like many, at the brides home with laughter and hair and make up.

Bride and Bridesmaids socks

Aberdeen Manor Valparaiso Indiana Wedding

Aberdeen Manor Valparaiso Indiana Wedding

Aberdeen Manor Valparaiso

The girls headed to Aberdeen Manor shortly before the men arrived. The bridal suite at Aberdeen Manor is wonderful for getting ready and has room for even large bridal parties. The ring bearers were endless fun. I loved capturing their faces as they put on their suits and ran around before the ceremony.

Aberdeen Manor Valparaiso

Given the chilly weather, the chapel was the right choice for the ceremony. It was short but beautiful. The bridal party and newly married couple braved a few really quick photos outside before the reception.

Aberdeen Manor Valparaiso

Aberdeen Manor Valparaiso Indiana Wedding

The evening ended off with a hopping reception and lots of dancing. I always enjoy the first dance at Aberdeen Manor. They have a snow machine in the roof that adds to the joy of the moment.

Aberdeen Manor Valparaiso first dance

Most photographers are in a hurry to leave when the dancing starts. I love to stay and make sure I get a good amount of the shenanigans and fun before I leave. Every wedding has one or two characters that get far more brave on the dance floor as the night goes on.

Aberdeen Manor Valparaiso Wedding Venue

Here are some favorites from this awesome wedding.

If you would like to see more wonderful Aberdeen Manor wedding photos, follow this link to a blog about why I love Aberdeen Manor.

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