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Two Year Photos by Shane Cleminson Photography

Two Year Photos

I really like this family! I met them a few years ago and I photographed their wedding. They are laid back, fun and just lovely people. Despite one of them being a Packers fan and one  Bears fan, they have remained married haha.

I was really excited when they shared they were expecting and they asked me to do newborn photos. Since then I have done those, and a one year session and now a two year session. It is a very real joy watching families grow. It is an honor to document and capture the milestones as they grow.

Two Year Photos by Shane Cleminson Photography

We did this photo session at St James Farm in Warrenville IL. It is a huge museum type farm with open spaces, some water, a cute bridge and historic stables.

Like many great venues there was a photo permit to obtain. I think more and more venues are getting flooded with photographers and permits just help them regulate what and who is doing things. Doug and Emily were happy to get the permit and pay for it and I was happy to work there. I have no problem supporting a local park in this way when the process makes sense and is reasonable. It seemed straightforward and organized to me. I sadly hear horror stories of some crazy photographers running venues like this and making some venues very hard to get into.

Two Year Photos

We spent some time by the flowers and stables before venturing off to the awesome trees and some brick areas.

Ada is one of the happiest, and cutest two year olds I have met. She was all smiles as we walked and giggled from place to place with snacks and juice naturally haha.

Here are some favorites from the 45 minute session.


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