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Tal Tree Arboretum Engagement Photography is always a fun and creative joy.

Tal Tree Arboretum Valparaiso Indiana engagement photos by Shane Cleminson

Tal Tree offers a variety of options for photos. There are pathways through dense tree lined forest areas, wide open spaces, fields of tall grass and two beautiful ponds.

I always mix up where I start engagement photo session, either in the open fields then go to the forest, or the other way around. I always stop at the big tree with the benches. It is just a classic backdrop. Most days I work here I end at the little hills by the parking lot. The sunsets generally look stunning from here. I love to mix between natural light and some silhouettes and a little fill flash to light the couple and pull in the awesome colors in the sky.

I look forward to Maggie and Dave’s wedding soon. They are an extremely photogenic couple and just all around great people to photograph and work with. Here are a few favorites from their Tal Tree Arboretum Engagement Photography session.

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