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Sand Creek Country Club Wedding Chesterton Indiana

Welcome to Olivia and John’s Sand Creek Country Club Wedding in Chesterton Indiana. It has been a crazy year for rainy day weddings. The last four weddings I have photographed have had rain at some point in the day.

Thanks to modern technology and radar apps on our iPhones we now know at least roughly when weather will hit. Maria Blanco did an amazing job of getting Olivia ready on time for her to dash through getting her dress on and outside very briefly for a few photos before the first rain hit us. We chose to leave the bridesmaids in their casual clothes and do a first look outside to beat the rain. WE had time for a fast first look and then four or five shots of Olivia and the rain began.

Sand Creek Chesterton Wedding Indiana Shane Cleminson

One of the great advantages of Sand Creek Country Club on a rainy day is the space inside and the space at the main entrance that is covered. Since a light rain persisted most of the time before the ceremony, we used the entrance area as a open well lit space to do a father daughter first look and get photos of the girls and guys together. All the while keeping Olivia and John apart. It was a juggle, but it is a great venue for this as there are separate areas to keep everyone.

Rev. Doug Klukken was the officiant and as always had everyone laughing as Olivia and John said their vows.

Sand Creek Chesterton Wedding Indiana Shane Cleminson

Thankfully we had a break in the weather after the ceremony and managed to race through formal photos and get our couple out in a golf cart to some beautiful areas and use some puddles for reflections before we headed back inside as it started raining again.

Despite all the weather, this was a wonderful Sand Creek Country Club Wedding, as I have come to expect at this awesome venue.


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