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Performing Arts Centre Wedding

Performing Arts Centre Wedding Munster Indiana

Morgan and Matthew had a lovely wedding ceremony at St Thomas Moore Catholic Church in Munster.

As you can see from the photo above they arrived in style. That’s a really awesome McLaren 460S.

Matthews parents had a special car at their wedding. So it made sense Matthew had a special car. Matthews parents still have the car from their wedding so it was almost a requirement to drive to their home and take some photos with that car too.

It was a hot day, but I followed them over with my AC off and my windows down, just to hear that McLaren gurgle. I’m all about saving the planet and the electric future, but the kid in me sure is gonna miss that sports car exhaust note so many iconic engines make.

We took a few photos around Munster of Morgan and Matthew with the newer car on the way back to the Performing Arts Centre. A big advantage of living in munster so many years is I knew where we could go and get some cool backgrounds in the little time we had.

Back at the reception it was a fun and loud night after a few more photos inside to avoid the crazy hot humidity. The bridesmaids were a really fun group to work with.

Munster Performing Arts Centre WeddingMunster Performing Arts Centre Wedding


Munster Performing Arts Centre Wedding


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