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Ovation Wedding Venue by Chicago Wedding Photographer Shane Cleminson. Couple with a Rolls Royce.

Ovation Wedding Venue Chicago

On a quiet road in just tout of the busy Chicago west loop is a quirky, rustic wedding venue. I had never heard of Ovation, until I was booked to photograph a wedding here.

I was so excited when I looked at images online. The main room is huge and has space for ceremonies and a reception all under one roof.

The walls and floors still have an industrial look form years ago when this was a factory. It is evident that the owners have partnered with amazing designers and creatives to bring the space to life as a wedding and event venue.Ovation Wedding Venue Chicago Ceremony Space

Ovation Wedding Venue Chicago dinning area

The ceremony area was converted into the dinning area during cocktail hour. This was all done behind huge fairly sound proof curtains while people were in the bar area and dance floor area oblivious to all the action as the staff converted the room.

The tables and metal chairs compliment the rustic bare brick walls and open ceilings.


Ovation Wedding Venue Chicago – Rolls Royce

A very unique feature of this venue is that car! Parked neatly in the back when we arrived, it is a classic Rolls with wonderful lines. It is a lovely prop for photos of any couple. I love that they allow couples to go for a short drive and know a few local spots to stop at with awesome backgrounds.

I cannot wait to work at Ovation again. Here is a gallery of some favorite photos I took at my last wedding there.

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