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Ovation Chicago Wedding

Ovation Chicago Wedding

Abby and Kevin had a lovely late fall wedding in Chicago.

The day started with some details of the bridesmaids and groomsmen getting ready. After that we went to Humboldt Park and the Museum Campus in Chicago for so quick formals in the chilly weather. Abby and Kevin had a friend bring their dog to the formals. I have seen this more and more and I love it.

After some fun photos with everyone and a great ride on a bus we arrived at Ovation. What a lovely little venue. The rustic wood on the outside and amazing floors inside give it so much character.

How many wedding venues come with a Rolls Royce?

One of the first things I noticed inside when we arrived was the vintage Rolls Royce. It was parked in the venue at the back. Just behind the ceremony site. I was so excited about photos with it. Abby and Kevin were keen to get some photos with the Rolls Royce before the ceremony. WE were able to get those quickly before guests arrived.

Ovation Chicago Wedding

After a wonderful ceremony we were also able to get a few more photos with the car around the area.

I had to travel light, so I used two small speed lights to pop a little light on Abby and Kevin and we were able to get some great photos in about 15 minutes before returning for the reception. The venue owner was our driver and was so helpful. He held my one flash off to the side for me and I held the second one off to the other side to give us some better looking light than just bare on camera boring flashed looking photos.

The food and reception were incredible. Ovation has built in sound up high and the dance floor sounded amazing all night.

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