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North Beach Chicago Engagement photos Shane Cleminson

Engagement photography at North Beach Chicago is a favorite location for me. Most weddings I do are in North West Indiana, but I am often in Chicago for engagements and family photography.

North Beach is such a popular place for engagement photos. The only sad thing is it seems I always see the same old same old posted from couples here. Photographers googling and copying each other is the norm today. That’s exactly why I got drenched and tried an angle lying down in the water. I will take ideas elsewhere and am not so arrogant as to think I can shoot something like no one else has. But I do want to be different and I do want to have my own style and adapt to a couple.

I had four reasons for the last few shots:

Firstly, I have done this before right here and loved the look.

Secondly it was warmer this day than my last trip when I also got wet but froze my toes off all the way home.

Thirdly, I just love reflections.

Lastly, it was fun and more candid.

Here are a few favorites from the session. We stared at Kinzie River bridge, and ended off at North Beach Chicago. I think anyone would agree this is an exceptionally photographic couple. I am looking forward to their wedding in 2018.


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