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Munster IN Photographer Fall Photos

Munster IN Photographer – Fall is well on its way and the colors are lovely! Last weekend was a mix of crazy and beautiful. Crazy, because I booked 28 family mini portrait sessions back to back in two days. Beautiful because the families I photographed were all lovely, and some of the kids were off the charts cute!

Munster IN Photographer Fall Photos

It was not the warmest of days. In fact part of Saturday was wet and misty and well under 45 degrees, but you would not know it from the photos. Every session was thirty minutes of fun and laughter. Well maybe there was some shivering and moaning between photos too haha. But in the end all was good. Last year this date it was over 65 degrees. Welcome to the midwest weather in Indiana.

Munster IN Photographer Fall Photos

Fall Family Portraits Munster IN

Holiday Mini Sessions are Coming!

I’m looking forward to more mini sessions in two weeks. If you want a holiday themed session Get in touch if you want more info on those.

Some of these families I have worked with so many times I have stopped counting. It is a huge joy watching their families grow. Some of theses families are former wedding clients who have got a few kids now. I love how loyal so many of my clients are. It means the world that clients come back as they journey through life.

Munster IN Photographer Fall Photos

I was covered in leaves and mud most of the day. I feel kids photography has to include some photos from their level. We are so used to looking down at these little faces. Sometimes you just have to crawl on your belly and get the angles from their perspective. If you are looking for a Munster IN Photographer, reach out and let’s talk about your memories.

Here are some favorites from the day in a gallery.

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