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Michigan City Engagement Indiana

Ashley & Adam had a wonderful Michigan City engagement session a few weeks ago. We started the evening downtown with some rustic backgrounds and dressed more formal. I love all the colors and walls and endless creative options downtown Michigan City. 

Michigan City Engagement Indiana

Engagement Downtown

After some time downtown we headed to the harbor bridge and the waterfront. Ashley & Adam changed into some more casual clothes and we started on the bridge. I played a bit of chicken with the traffic as politely as I could. I like to think no one would purposely run me over haha.

Its not hard to tell these two are in love! The whole engagement session was full of laughter and smiles and conversation about wedding day in November.

Michigan City Engagement Indiana

It was a cloudy day and sadly we did not get as colorful a sunset as I often see at the lighthouse. The sky was however dramatic, and the waterfront less packed with people given the weather and I guess some folks still on Covid lockdown. I was actually surprised we could get access to the beach.

I used a mix of natural light and some flash at the water front to vary between candid natural looks and some fun dramatic shots with reflections and the moody sky. In the endless fight us photographers have over natural or artificial light and which is better, my simple answer is both haha.

Engagement Downtown

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