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Michigan City Beach Engagement

Michigan City Beach Engagement

Eric and Erica rocked their engagement session! I always get excited when a couple wants a beach session. I also love it when they want the session timed with sunset.

Michigan City Beach is a wonderful venue for photos. It’s often packed in summer, even on week day evenings. But we planned on a mid September day and the weather was still warm enough to get great photos, but cool enough to avoid huge crowds of beach goers.

We started the session on the beach with a great blue sky and a gentle breeze.

After some photos in the bright sun we moved on down to the lighthouse and di a few fun photos on the walls.

After a few minutes Eric and Erica went to change. I knew exactly what I wanted to do when they headed back. I had time to set up some small speed lights and get ready for some great sunset photos. I saw the big pools of water and knew I wanted to play with reflections.

I freaking love reflections!

I had a couple walk by while I was setting up and ask me to take a photo of them on their phone. I did, but then I went a step farther and asked them to be my test subjects while I waited for Eric and Erica to change. They were blown away when I showed them the results, and even more so when they got the photo right there. I love that the new cameras are able to sync to my iPhone while shooting photos. I synced my camera to my phone and texted them a shot right there. They were happy and I was even more happy because I knew my light was right haha.

When Eric and Erica came back to the lighthouse we continued their Michigan City Beach Engagement with some fun walking photos and then some dancing photos with some flash to capture them in the developing sunset. I did a mix of lit and silhouette styled photos. So many photographers argue which is better, flash or natural light. I say both have their place and strive to master both.

Here is a gallery of favorite images.

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