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Child Photographer Indiana Shane Cleminson

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When I arrived for this portrait session, the girls were already on their bikes and racing around. I put on a long lens and just snapped away as they played. We bounced between the back yard and the tire swing and the front yard and open space.

Child Photographer Indiana Shane Cleminson

Child Photographer Indiana Shane CleminsonKids at Play Photos are perfect to capture memories. Kids spend a good deal of time playing, and are most comfortable playing in a familiar environment. Therefore, it makes sense to capture these moments in their regular play places.

It was hard to edit these photos when I got home. I had taken several hundred photos by the time I left. Even in 30 minutes, the photo count just raced up as I snapped from various angles. I think I played as hard as these two! I seldom feel like photography is a job anyway.

Here are a few favorites from the 150 photos I edited.

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