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Indiana, Michigan and Illinois Wedding Venues

Are you looking for a stunning Indiana wedding Venue? Maybe Chicago or Michigan are an option too.

Here are some of my favorite local wedding venues.

I have photographed lots of Chicago, Michigan and Indiana Wedding Venues. I could not possibly post a full list of all the venues I have enjoyed working at. There are however a few venues that just stand out to me as a photographer and they are listed here.

No venue can or will pay to be on this list and I would not include a venue that I could not photograph well. I have a few photos from each venue and for some I wrote a few words. If you are looking for Indiana, Chicago Illinois or Michigan Wedding Venues I hope this list is an objective help.

County Line Orchard Wedding Hobart Indiana

County Line Orchard Wedding Hobart Indiana a stunning Indiana Wedding Venue.


If you are getting married at one of these awesome wedding Venues and want to see if I am available get in touch.


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