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Hyde Park Kids PhotographerHyde Park Kids Photographer

Goodness me, I had so much fun in 2022 photographing some of the cutest kids. As 2023 starts I have been going over my photos from 2022 and taking time to organize my computer storage. I decided to look over some of my favorite photos from 2022 in the next few blogs as I transfer things to archive hard drives and prepare for 2023.

I moved last year from Munster Indiana to Hyde Park. We are spoilt with fun parks and some wonderful open spaces despite being so close to Chicago. The beaches and Promontory Point area are a photographers dream. I love living a few blocks from such great places for photos.


I gained some new clients last year. I thankfully kept so many favorites from Indiana too. Thankfully it’s a short drive. So many children I work with are from families where I photographed a wedding, I did a lifestyle newborn session, then a one  year cake smash and a two year and a three year and so on. There are few things I love more about my job than watching families grow and capturing their stages of life.

Before I drone on and on, here are about 80 of my favorite photos from 2022.

My favorite ages for kids photos are definitely from one year old to five years old. I know at these ages, traditional studio portraits are hit and miss. But you know what works a whole lot more. Take a child to a playground, a park, a favorite place and just let them play. I love putting on a longer lens, staying out the way and just waiting for those smiles and giggles.

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