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Valparaiso Wedding

Winter Wedding Greenhouse Event Centre Valparaiso Indiana

I know that looking at these first few photos it does not look like a winter wedding. This was late December and these photos are outside with beautiful smiling bridesmaids and a stunning bride. Such was the weather in 2019! Not that is was warm, it was still about 40 degrees, which is not very warm, but these girls were up for a few quick photos outside and I am so glad they were.

Valparaiso has so many awesome open spaces. Valley Baptist Church is in a less developed area on the outskirts of Valpo and has open space all around. I just had to ask if the girls would race outside for a few quick photos.

Valparaiso Wedding

Valparaiso Wedding

After a beautiful ceremony at VBC Valpo we headed downtown Valpo and then on to The Greenhouse Event Centre a few miles away. One downside to winter weddings is the early sunsets. We did manage a few very fast sunset photos before heading downtown Valparaiso for some photos around the square with all the lights.

Valparaiso Wedding

This was the first time I have photographed at The Greenhouse Valparaiso. I found it was really great to light at night. It helped a lot that it was well decorated and oh the sweet smell of donuts!

Jamilyn and City love donuts! That was very clear when we walked in haha.

I will let the photos tell the rest of the story. It was wonderful capturing this wedding and yes I got watery eyes in the first dances. I nearly always do.

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