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Family Photographer Hyde Park Chicago

Family Photographer Hyde Park Chicago Beach photos

Family Photographer Hyde Park ChicagoFamily Photographer Hyde Park Chicago

It has been a few months since my wife and I moved from Munster IN to Hyde Park in Chicago IL.

As a photographer running my own small business I had some apprehension about the relocation. Even if it’s only 25 minutes away, it’s a new state, new areas and new clients to build relationships with.


I figured some old clients would still call and come to me or I would go to them. I was so excited when this couple reached out for a family session and wanted it in Hyde Park. I photographed their wedding a few years ago in Indianapolis.

I love watching families grow!

Anna was worried her daughter would not be very co-operative. One sad side effect of covid has been the lack of social interaction for so many little ones. Many have spent the first year or two of life around very few people.

Thankfully the beach, some bubbles, toys and great weather soon had her very happy and running around. This little ball of energy kept us all busy as we shepherded her away from the water when she got too deep haha. She just wanted to race in and splash.

Location Location Location

One of the very best things about this session, is that this beach is three blocks from our new home. So I see alot of beach family mini sessions in the future haha.

I photographed most of this session with a fairly tight long lens and wide aperture to blur out any distracting backgrounds. The one downside of beach sessions at sunset in great weather is people everywhere haha. But some creative angles and walk past the crowds, and we had more than enough space without too many photo bombs haha.

Here is a gallery of some favorite photos from the session.


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