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Wedding Venue by Shane Cleminson Photography Munster Indiana County Line Orchard

County Line Orchard Hobart Indiana is definitely one of my favorite wedding venues in the North West Indiana region. I cannot count how many weddings I have photographed there, but I know in 2016 alone I did six. To say I know County Line Orchard well is an understatement haha. County Line has three barn partitions in the main barn. I have worked in all three barn partitions and both inside and outside ceremony sites. I don’t know If I love the big tree or the Orchard ceremony site more. I have also worked here  just about every season of the year. It is one of the few venues locally that photographs well in any season.

The barn partitions at County Line Orchard are all pretty spacious inside. The two end partitions are smaller and can accommodate small to medium size weddings with ease. The centre barn is huge and I’m sure it is one of the largest local venues. The food is always good and the staff run things smoothly. There are great sunsets, large dance area in any of the three barn partitions. The middle barn can fit a live band, (I love live bands) and still have room for an awesome dance floor space. The tractor ride to either of the ceremony venues is fun. I could go on, but I will let the photos bellow speak for themselves. If you are getting married at County Line Orchard Hobart and need a wedding photographer, GET IN TOUCH, I would love to meet and chat about your wedding.

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