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County Line Orchard Wedding Venue Main Barn Hobart Indiana

County Line Orchard Indiana WeddingCounty Line Orchard Indiana Wedding photos by Shane CleminsonMary & Joseph – County Line Orchard Wedding

Well 2022 is in full swing and this wedding season has been full of incredible couples at some of my favorite venues.

Mary and Joseph had a very traditional Catholic Mass with a really fun celebration after the exit. Every culture has different parts to their weddings that I just love. They had lots and lots of dancing!

After the ceremony it was time to get to County Line Orchard. By the time we arrived, the sun was starting to get a little lower and golden light was pouring through the apple trees behind the main barn.

We had about an hour to do all the family and formal photos and this gave us time to go into the orchard and get some stunning photos of Mary and Joseph in that light.

County Line Orchard Indiana Wedding photos by Shane Cleminson

County Line Orchard Indiana Wedding photos by Shane Cleminson


The reception was again full of dancing. Some traditional dancing, some cultural and towards the end, well some creative dancing as the bar did what the bar does haha. I have found myself staying later and later at weddings recently and have captured some real gems on the dance floor haha. The live band mixed with a DJ was an extra bonus too.

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