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Chicago Beach Engagement Photos

Chicago Beach Engagement Photos – North Avenue Beach is one of my favorite places in Chicago for engagement sessions. I was so excited when Ashley and Andrew asked if they could do their engagement session there. The weather was not as warm as we hoped, as we were pushing the end of fall and early winter weather. But we found a sheltered spot by a few trees with some color left to start.


Chicago Beach Engagement PhotosIt was a bit more windy than we had hoped, but it was less windy than it can be at North Avenue Beach. I love a little bit of wind so the waves wet the area by the water and give awesome reflections. I’m a sucker for reflections and look for them in water, windows or anything I can find when I photograph people.

This whole engagement session was done in about 20 minutes. This fast pace was due to the cold weather and not the awesome couple.

I think it was a very productive 20 minutes and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding!

Here is a gallery of favorites from the session.

I know there has been endless talk the last few years about photo permits in Chicago and the pros and cons. I really have to give a shout out to the Chicago Park District. Regardless of the outcome and the arguments, they have made getting permits for  sessions like these Chicago Beach Engagement Photos very simple. I have an account with the parks district and it takes about ten minutes to go online and purchase a permit for sessions here and I feel like the fee at around $80 is reasonable.

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