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Canon EOS RP Review

I love the Canon EOS RP! 

It is a solid small and portable backup at weddings and my new go to travel camera for personal use.

EOS RP Camera

I am gonna say it up front. I really love this little powerhouse. Yes it has limits, yes it is not a “professional” camera. I have read endless technical blogs about it. I know the sensor takes a knock and lacks the dynamic range of the EOS R or the Sony mirrorless right now. But I have had mine for a few months now and I just love it.

Canon Full Frame

I have used almost every canon digital DSLR since they started with the 1D and I currently use EOS R bodies as my workhorses for weddings and commercial shoots. I will get an R5 as soon as I can. I’m not saying it’s the best or the only camera I would use. But for under $1000 and for its incredible small size it just rocks. (Update 4/19/21 – I have an R5 now and two R6 bodies for weddings and commercial work. I’m still loving the RP and using it for travel and daily family use. I seldom leave home without it.)

It does not focus as fast as my 5D4 or EOS R5 or R6 but it does a good job for a small little camera under $1000.

Puddle Jumping

As a professional photographer I always have a dilemma when I want to go on vacation or just take a camera to the park to photograph my own kids. It seems overkill to take thousands of dollars of gear, and I tend to sit on the beach wondering if my camera bag is safe in the hotel while on vacation. So I bough an EOS RP and a 35 mm lens.

EOS RP Camera

Heres what I love:

It’s small and portable.

The screen is great for low angle shooting.

The eye detection is good enough for family photos and portraits.

The sensor is great in low light.

I would not use the RP alone for weddings, but it does make a really good backup. I find I often throw my 85 1.4L and use it for candid moments. Being so small it is great for macro photos and details. I have the huge and sharp 28-70 f2L on my EOS R most of the day at weddings, but its really easy to have the little EOS RP in my bag with a macro lens and pull it out for ring shots.

EOS RP Camera

EOS RP Camera

Canon EOS RP Review

I use it for everyday use for photographing my grandson who is a very active two year old. I nearly always have an EF 70-200L IS 2.8 with a converter on and it is a great carry around combination.

EOS RP Camera

Canon EOS RP Review

Here are a bunch of photos taken with the RP and they say more than endless words. I think for $899 this camera does the work many cameras twice the price can do. If you like these you will love the photos I get with my higher end cameras. But the point of this blog is I hope clear. This is Canons cheapest and smallest full frame camera and it still does great work if you know what it does not do well and stick to what it does well.

Got Questions about buying a Canon EOS R I am happy to give you any advice. Contact me here.

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