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I love images like this one below! A candid moment captured while setting up a traditional pose. An unscripted few seconds frozen forever reflecting the love and joy of a couple as they start their married journey.Candid Wedding Photographer Indiana

Some couples are just so full of joy, chemistry and fun!

These couples are easy to photograph even on wedding day.

I knew Anna and Tone were fun to work with after their engagement session. They wanted a sunset engagement session and we sure got a sunset!


Wedding day can be a lot more hectic and taking photos can be tougher with the added stress of schedules and nerves. But these two were a dream. I found myself using a far more candid approach and just letting them be themselves all day. The little moments, happy laughs and loving smiles are easy to capture when they are there all day! I feel a mix of candid and traditional wedding photography is a good balance of images that capture the day as it unfolds and also produces those images that will be family heirlooms as prints on walls for generations to come.

Candid Wedding Photographer Indiana

Candid Wedding Photographer Indiana Munster Valparaiso Shane Cleminson

Candid Wedding Photographer Indiana

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