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Brookfield Zoo Wedding

Brookfield Zoo Wedding photos Shane Cleminson Photography

When Madisen and Anthony booked me and we started to plan their day I was so excited about going back to the Brookfield Zoo. I was also happy to find out they chose the giraffe enclosure under the trees for their ceremony. I think it is one of the best backdrops at the Brookfield Zoo and I just love giraffes. It has shady trees and with the gentle breeze it made a hot summers day very comfortable.

This was my second Brookfield Zoo wedding in the last year.

We stared the day mid morning with the girls getting hair and makeup at a local hotel. Before the ceremony we had a first look and about half an hour of driving around the zoo in a golf cart with Madisen and Anthony. I knew from their engagement session photos that we would have fun. I also knew it’s really hard to take a bad photo of Madisen.


Cocktail hour was in the Primate area, complete with Silver Back Gorillas and other smaller animals. It was a very entertaining reception complete with choreographed dancing by the bridesmaids and bride. The whole dance and the music was styled around Anthony’s job and since his groomsmen mostly worked with him it just hit a huge home run.

Brookfield Zoo Wedding photos Shane Cleminson Photography

Brookfield Zoo Wedding photos Shane Cleminson Photography

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