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Welcome to a wonderful Briar Ridge Country Club Wedding!

John and Paige are an incredibly fun and laid back couple. On wedding day we started in the bridal suite at Briar Ridge with photos of the bride and bridesmaids.

This photo of Paige captures the mood the whole morning. There was music, laughter and endless chatter as everyone got ready.

I loved the response when Paige was ready and walked in to show her friends her dress. These are the kind of moments I love to capture. These moments cannot be coached or set up. They just happen and they just rock!

Paige and Hohn had written letters to each other. After an emotional first look we snuck off to a secluded spot to let them read the notes to each other. The expressions and the joy were hard to miss. More copies should do this!

The weather was threatening all day but that gave us great dramatic skies and a cool ceremony with a gentle breeze.Briar Ridge Country Club Wedding partyBriar Ridge Country Club Wedding

Despite being a smaller venue, a Briar Ridge Country Club Wedding can still be a crazy good party! It was so much fun capturing some awesome dance moves as the night progressed.

Briar Ridge Country Club

I love to stay a little later than most photographers do. I actually enjoy capturing the party just as much as the rest of the wedding day. I hear horror stories from DJs where photographers are pushing the timeline so they can race home as soon as the speeches are done. This is probably most common with companies that hire contractors they send to photograph weddings. I just take my work too personally and hate to leave before I know I have all I want for fun memories.

Here are some favorite photos from this wonderful Briar Ridge Country Club wedding.

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