Wedding Video Prices

Ceremony – $600 – Up to Two hours coverage.

Ceremony Plus – $800 – Up to Four hours of coverage. Often covers a shorter ceremony and reception entrances, speeches as well as first dances at one venue if there is not a long break between them.

Ceremony & Reception – $1000 – Up to Six hours coverage. Covers ceremony and reception entrances, speeches and first dances and some general dancing at one or two venues if there is not a long break between them.

Ceremony & Reception Plus – $1200 – Up to Eight hours coverage. Covers Ceremonies and reception entrances, speeches and first dances and some party time at one or two venues.

All Packages include:

1. Basic editing to include events as they happened. I do my best to include full ceremonies speeches and main dances. The nature of live shooting and working with people can effect this at times but it is mostly possible. 

2. One Videographer with two cameras and a wireless microphone

3. Edited Movie in HD Format for TV and Phones on a USB Thumb Drive.

Wedding Video Extras: 

Extra Time: $150 an hour

Three Minute Recap Highlight Video: $200 Edited more creatively. (Royalty free music is used to avoid copyright laws) Not available for ceremony only videos.

Unedited Footage: $100  All the footage recorded in HD format.


Click the video bellow to see a low resolution sample Wedding Highlight Video.


Over the years wedding video has evolved tremendously. From basic candid coverage to artistic productions with multiple cameras, crews of videographers and more. From Video tapes to DVDs and now USB and video on phones and tablets.

Today two styles seem to be popular.

One is very artistic, highly edited, with multiple cameras and one or two videographers posing and scripting the day. It produces an amazing artistic ten minute video most often. For couples with a bigger budget and who don’t mind their day being more scripted this rocks! I used to do these videos and loved the creative process. The editing alone adds to the cost, as does the multiple videographers. Cost and the shooting style eliminates this option for many couples.

Secondly, and what I offer, is a candid documentary style video. This is a less obtrusive and less artistic style. More of a documentary of what occurred with less special effects, far less editing and seldom any scripting on wedding day. The more artistic video often deploys DSLR Cameras which provide great footage but do not zoom effectively so the videographer is often moving a lot, filming close and using rigs and sliders. These techniques take time and this is often why two videographers are used. The candid style I use suits a typical video camera similar to a mobile news crew. This allows for less obtrusive filming and two mostly stationary cameras out of the way most of the day. I find this unobtrusive style so important at the ceremony especially. Often a church balcony allows for a very clear filming vantage point far from guests and not blocking your photographer or wedding party. You don’t get a close up shot of the rings going on…….but you don’t get a videographer five feet from you all ceremony. (I have photos of some really unprofessional videographers on the east coast doing this)

If you are looking for an artistic video I know several wonderful local vendors I love and can share with you. They are wonderful keepsakes! I enjoyed shooting that style before I decided to focus on the documentary style.

Wanna see an awesome Lion Video? Here is a mix of some of my favorite footage I filmed long ago in 2005 while working at a Lion Conservation Project in Zimbabwe.