Cloister In The Woods Munster

Cloister in The Woods Munster

Cloister In The Woods Munster Wedding Shane Cleminson Photography

Cloister in The Woods is nestled in the trees on the side of Heritage Park in Munster. I lived across the road from this venue for a few years and I always enjoy working here. I love it, not just because I could walk home, but because it is a beautiful venue any time of the year. The fall is especially good as the trees and the park surrounding Cloister in The Woods have paths and color and offer all day shade and shelter from wind. The reception hall lights up well and offers a great dance floor for medium and small wedding receptions.


Marquette Park Pavilion Wedding Gary Indiana Shane Cleminson Photography

Marquette Park Pavilion on the shores of Lake Michigan is a beautiful venue. It is so often overlooked by couples. It offers stunning indoor and outdoor venues for a ceremony and reception. It has great parking right by the main hall, thats a huge bonus in my book.

Surrounded by Nature

Marquette Park Pavilion Wedding Gary Indiana Shane Cleminson Photography

The natural setting is ideal for wedding photography. It sits on the edge of rolling dunes at the lake shore, surrounded by trees, dunes and water.


The ballroom is huge and can hold up to 250 guests. The natural light from the huge windows is a photographers dream. Add the high ceilings, balcony and columns and its just perfect for receptions.

Marquette Park Pavilion offers a sunken lounge area for cocktails with a bar and room for guests to mingle without bumping over each other.

One of my favorite things about weddings here is the close proximity of the beach for formal photos and sunsets you just cannot get anywhere else. There are concrete paved areas close to the hall for most formals with great views of the lagoon, but adventurous brides can go to the beach in a smaller group, or just as a couple and will be rewarded with amazing backgrounds and sunsets.


Engagement Photographer Cedar Lake Indiana Shane Cleminson

I remember when Nyssa first called me about her wedding and asked if I was ok working with animals on an engagement photo session.

She was concerned about horses in the photos and the unpredictability animals bring. I had a whole other attitude. I love the spontaneity and fun animals bring to a photo session. I’ve also worked with all kinds of animals for years and love it. Add the snow and I was excited to set up this engagement session.

We waited until it was a snowy day and met fairly early in the morning to give us softer light. There are so many awesome farm properties in Cedar Lake Indiana and this family has one of the most beautiful I have seen.

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in a few months at the same venue.

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Family Photo Portraits Munster Indiana

Heritage Park is a small treasure for Family Photo Portraits in Munster Indiana.

Family Photo Portraits Munster Indiana Shane Cleminson Photography

It is a quiet at Heritage Park most of the time. Few people seem to even know there is a park back here.

There are stunning pathways that pop with color in the fall. It is pleasantly sheltered from the wind and with so many trees around, there is shade any time of the day for photos. I have stopped by Heritage Park with bridal parties often when we needed a place to go in the middle of windy days.

I really enjoyed working with these kids, they were full of energy, well behaved and  had great energy too.

The traditional outfits were perfect against the bright fall colors.

Here are a few favorites from the family portrait session.


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Tal Tree Arboretum Engagement Photography

Tal Tree Arboretum Engagement Photography is always a fun and creative joy.

Tal Tree Arboretum Valparaiso Indiana engagement photos by Shane Cleminson

Tal Tree offers a variety of options for photos. There are pathways through dense tree lined forest areas, wide open spaces, fields of tall grass and two beautiful ponds.

I always mix up where I start engagement photo session, either in the open fields then go to the forest, or the other way around. I always stop at the big tree with the benches. It is just a classic backdrop. Most days I work here I end at the little hills by the parking lot. The sunsets generally look stunning from here. I love to mix between natural light and some silhouettes and a little fill flash to light the couple and pull in the awesome colors in the sky.

I look forward to Maggie and Dave’s wedding soon. They are an extremely photogenic couple and just all around great people to photograph and work with. Here are a few favorites from their Tal Tree Arboretum Engagement Photography session.

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