Shane Cleminson Wedding Photographer Indiana

I love what I do………..I have done a lot of it!

One of the most important choices you will make is who will capture your memories as your wedding photographer. When the day is over the wedding photos are the lasting reminder and treasure for generations to come. My work has developed over more than 700 weddings in 18 years. From wildlife in Africa, sports and journalism for nationwide newspapers, international magazines and more, all this experience and passion comes to every wedding or family I photograph.

You don’t want someone using your wedding to learn or build their portfolio!

You want to make sure you find a photographer with the experience and the skill to adapt to changes and capture your memories. But you also want them to do this artistically without getting in the way all day.

Love needs no scripting!

Candid Wedding Photographer Shane Cleminson Chesterton Indiana


My style tends to be a mix of photojournalistic and traditional. I pose couples and families for formal photos and I always look for dramatic shots and little details, but most of the day I stay out of the way and capture the raw emotions and feelings as they unfold. My favorite compliment is always, “we never saw you take that!”

This is the Balance – Relevant poses and backgrounds mixed in with stolen moments saving the unscripted story – This is My Passion!